First, I had to repost my “Camping” post once I got home because the layout was all funky so I apologize for any confusion on the date or other specifics of the northern lights sighting or anything else (just wanted to be clear).

We essentially got rained out of day two of our camping trip.  We knew it was supposed to rain a little but were under the impression that the sun would come out around 11am; we had no idea it was going to be an all day storm.  Luckily, we had plenty of food to eat during the storm and we caught the rain coming so nothing got wet.  Once we got everything packed up and on the boat we had to get our friend’s dogs back on the boat which we originally thought might be a little difficult, but it only took about a minute.  Then we got to enjoy the long boat ride back in the rain.  I rode with my body out over the edge for probably half of the way!  I am totally a mermaid. Possibly a full blown fish.  I love the water.  Then we packed up the cars and drove 30 minutes home down the curvy/forested/ waterfront roadway.

As soon as we got home I totally passed out.  One of my best friend’s from high school, who lives in Chicago now, had surprised me the day we left to go camping by showing up at my doorstep, so we hung out when I woke up!  We basically just talked like we always do.  Like two best friends who have never been apart at all!  I love friends like that.  The ones you can look dead in the eye and tell your most insane stories to without feeling like an idiot.  It felt really good! 🙂

The next day I slept in a little and then I hung out with another one of my best friend’s from high school.  She lives back home where I do right now and just had the most beautiful daughter who is about to turn a year old in a few days.  We have sushi parties all of the time where we roll our own sushi because it’s way cheaper that way and we used to work together at a local sushi restaurant!  It was basically two couples and me.  My boyfriend couldn’t make it, which I told him was fine because it gave me an excuse to have a glass of wine!

I completely spaced the songwriting meeting we had scheduled for the following morning.  I’ve since put a reminder in my phone for each one and pretty much made it a habit just to schedule everything in there.

Today, I swam in the lake for the first time this summer with my boyfriend and spent some time editing the build of So Small with Mike.  We raised it a whole step, changed the instrumentation, fixed the dynamics… it’s going to be night and day.  In a good way!

Anyway it’s already really late and I’m supposed to be up to work on furniture again tomorrow in triple-digit heat :O Probably gonna want to call and cancel on that one.  I’m trying really hard to not be flaky or a quitter though.

That’s what’s been up with me!  I can’t wait to sit back down at the piano and get writing soon but it’s been great to get back in touch with so many friends and to get outside a bit.

Hope this finds you all well!

Sweet dreams!

Tara Skye


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